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Create your own mobile app and be one tap away from your friends

Create your own mobile app and be one tap away from your friends

  • Influencers & Artists
  • Teams & Associations
  • Professionals
  • Friends

Engage with your fans

Be in their pocket. All your social feeds in one place. Chat with them with our new Wall feature.

Grow your audience

Get traction and be featured on all Triber apps with our discovery page.


Already got a significant audience?

Contact us to get your app published on the App Store & Google Play, and earn money with our in-app advertising program.


Let all your app members know about the next game, training, concert, meeting, right on their mobile!

The best place to share

Your app is the most natural place for team members to engage, comment, share stories and pictures in real time!

Live events

Turn your feed into a beautiful live display. Give a special twist to your events!

Broadcast news

Let your community know about what’s new in your business. Share events, reminders, etc.

Feature your work

Showcase your portfolio. Let your fans know about your recent work, upcoming events, etc.

Engage with your community

Create a rich and direct experience with your community. Let everyone share content and pictures. Moderate at any time.

An app of YOU

Take control of your digital life. Get your very own app !

For your special friends

Let your friends download you and they will be able to text you, call, and follow your social life, all in one place!

Your Tribe, one tap away

Swap apps with your best friends and make sure your Tribe is right there on your phone, just a tap away!

Make your live events extra special

Invite your community to interact

With our unique visualizer, your app users will see their posts displayed during your live event. Whether at a concert, a convention or even a wedding, it’s the perfect way to engage with your community!

How do I get started?

Simple as 1, 2, 3!


Download Triber on your phone

and follow a few simple steps.


Preview your app instantly. Customize it until you’re perfectly happy.


When you’re ready, share a simple url link with your community. They will be able to download your app instantly.

Not quite ?

Check out our FAQ!

If you have a large community of fans or followers, you might be eligible for our premium package, including advanced customization, your app published on the App Store & Google Play, and a native in-app advertising program. Please send us an email with details of your profile.